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My pictures of Charlie Musselwhite and Ruthie Foster appear in the Spring/April 2020 issue of Blues Music Magazine


My image of Kim Wilson appears in the Winter 2020 issue of Blues Music Magazine

My images of Keb Mo are in the Summer 2019 issue of Blues Music Magazine

My image of Elvin Bishop was used in the  July 2019 issue of Blues Music Magazine

My image of Nick Moss is in the Winter 2019  issue of Blues Music Magazine


The July 2018 issue of Blues Music Magazine has a much cropped photo of mine of Tommy Castro on the front cover.


I will have an exhibit, I am calling "Light of Day" at the Nevada City Winery during the month of June.

The April 2017 issue of Blue Music Magazine printed a full page picture of my photo of Kenny Neal!


My black and white picture "Corn Lily" was a nominee in the still life category of the Black and White Spider Awards. A total of 7,556 images were entered in the competion (in all categories) so getting nominated was an accomplishment.



I again took part in the Riverfront Art Gallery juried show.  Although I am still taking photos most of my spare time has been spent on the book I've been writing so I haven't spent any time updating my website.

March 2015

Two of my images, Sunset Point and  Vine and Berries,  were selected for the Showin' on the River show at the Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma. This is a juried show.  The show runs from March 11 to May 3rd. For more information click here.

August 2014

My image, Racing the Wind was selected as the best black and white photo of the entire fair! I took the picture in Point Lobos State Reserve, a wonderful place to visit.

September 2013

I'll be participating in the Fall Colors Open Studio Art Tour at David Wong's studio October 5-6 and 12-13. Please stop by and visit. David's studio is located at 13580 North Meadow View Dr. in Grass Valley, just off Highway 174. For a map click here.

February 1, 2013

My picture Sundown on the South Yuba was selected the best landscape of 2012 and the best photo of 2012! Quite an achievement considering some of the wonderful images produced by members of the club.

December 20, 2012


I finally uploaded some new files to my ďNew WorkĒ folder, but I have to say some of these go back almost to the beginning of 2012. Iíve been remiss.  Itís been freezing up here in the foothills, and Iíve been trying to think up photo possibilities using ice. Weíll see what I come up with, if anything.

October 23, 2012

Dang, itís been awhile. Next up is the Banner Mountain Artisians Holiday Show the first weekend in November. Go to for more information. Iíve been extremely busy and havenít updated my website with anything other than the musician pictures Iíve taken. But I have taken other images and once winter hits Iíll have time to put them up. Iím especially excited about the wall hangings Iíve created - images printed on fabric (thanks to my good friend Gilbert Fulton for the inspiration and the printing!) and hanging on really nice dowels. Iíve purchased walnut, cherry, and oak dowels, shaped the ends, stained them, and put a clear coat finish on them. Really nice.


August 10, 2012

I entered four pictures and  received two First Prize awards at the Nevada County Fair - one for Sundown on the South Yuba (the cover photo on this website, and the other for the black and white, Southern Exposure. I really expected to be awarded a prize for one of the others, but didn't. I asked the judges about it after they were finished and they said they felt it just didn't show as much action as the three winners (I entered it in the "Color-Action" catagory. But they did say that they wouldn't hang any of the three winners on their wall but they would mine, a small consolation.

I'm heading down to San Jose tomorrow morning for the San Jose Jazz Festival. It's a great festival but not always the best for photographers since the sun is usually pretty strong which makes for exposure difficulties.  All of being doing lately is music photos. No complaints about that however.

I finally received my new camera - a 36 megapixel Nikon D800. Haven't had much chance to work with it and am leaving it home rather than taking it to San Jose since the high capacity CD/SD cards I ordered haven't arrived.

June 1, 2012

Iíve been thinking about doing a blog for quiet a while. Basically itís just notes about my photographic endeavors.  My son Pete keeps telling me I need to put images on Facebook and Iíve resisted up to this point, but I'm going to try it. (Already ran into a problem!)

Iím posting pictures from a recent Johnny Winter show at the Minerís Foundry in Nevada City. The lighting was great if you were in the audience but sucked if you wanted pictures. The light was too garish. Plus Johnny wears a hat so the top part of his face is shaded. Really, a challenge. But looking beyond the lighting, the real story is Johnny so black and white works quite nicely in my opinion. I sent the link to Johnnyís contact guy and was hoping Iíd hear back on what he thought since Iím sure heís seen tons of Johnny images. I was gratified to a message back, ďthose are some nice shotsÖgreat workÖ.Ē

Iím also very excited about my up coming photo trip and visit with Phil at Virginia Lakes. Philís a fellow from Southern California that  I met while working for the Postal Service. Great guy!

Hereís my itinerary,

Day 1 Ė Tuesday 6/5 Early start to Sonora for research then on to Yosmite Ė Glacier Point in the evening. Camp Bridalveil Creek Campground or just at Glacier Point. I want to get a panoramic of Half Dome and Vernal/Nevada Falls both a sunset and sunrise, and also with the full moon in the sky. Would love to see some clouds in the sky!

Day 2 Ė Wednesday 6/6 Trip around Yosmite, hike 4.5 miles to North Dome from Porcupine parking area. Spend night near North Dome. Again, sunrise, sunset and moon shots of Half Dome from a different angle.

Day 3 Ė Thursday 6/7 Drive over Tioga Pass to Hwy 395 meet up with Phil and group at Virginia Lakes cabin #4

Day 4 Ė Friday 6/8 Virginia Lakes, day hike to some of the higher elevation lakes.

 Day 5 Ė Saturday 6/9 Drive to Bristlecone Pine forest - camp there. Want to get images of the Bristlecones at sunset and sunrise.

Day 6 Ė Sunday 6/10 try and find Sky Rock petroglyphs for evening or morning photos. spend night in Bishop?

Day 7 Monday 6/11 Home via Mono Lake Ė Panum Crater